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Most people spend months, if not years, thinking of starting their own business. Some have an idea for a new product, or service, and want to sell it to the world.  Some have come up with a better way of doing things or create a product or service that makes life easier.  Whatever the creation, the idea of starting a business, securing capital, and finding customers presents most a significant challenge.  Add life's challenges and diminishing confidence and you get the idea why most aspiring entrepreneurs seldom pursue their dreams of owning and operating their own business.

MBE Venture Weekend
™ streamlines the business' development process, enabling entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus on the most important aspects of creating, developing, and launching (or re-launching) a business of their own.  It helps validate their ideas, target customers, build the business vehicle, construct the platform, and launch the enterprise.

MBE Venture Weekend™ is for aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea for a new business and want to develop their business plans, raise capital, and launch a micro business enterprise. MBE Venture Weekend™ is also for existing small business owners (startups and early-stage) who want to improve their business and raise capital.

Ready to launch (or re-launch) your Micro Business Enterprise?  Just follow these steps to prepare for your journey.


Registration for MBE Venture Weekend™ is limited and will be on a first come, first served basis.  An individual is not confirmed and pre-event materials are not sent until full payment has been received and processed.  When payment is received, materials for the event will be sent to you.  These materials include an assignment to be completed prior to the start of the Weekend.  The registration fee includes lunch (Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday) and event materials.

Hotel Accommodations

Participants are responsible for their own hotel and dinner meal expenses.  We have secured a block of rooms at a special group rate in the hotel where MBE Venture Weekend™ is held.  The block will be held until the hotel's specified deadline.  After this date, rooms may be available on a space available basis, and higher rates may apply.  To receive the reduced rate, make your hotel reservation early and state that you are participating in a MBE Venture Weekend™ event.  Hotel accommodations may include a continental breakfast.  Please check with the hotel and be sure to use the assigned group code or mention that you are attending a "MBE Venture Weekend" event when making your reservation and checking in.

Travel and Event Schedule

Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses.  Individuals are advised to register and secure hotel accommodations before making airline reservations.  MBE Venture Weekend™ is a 2.5 day event beginning at 4pm Thursday and ending around 11:30pm Saturday.  Events beginning on Friday afternoon start at 4pm and end around 11:30pm Sunday.  Participants may stay awhile, mingling and socializing with one another.  However, all participants must exit the event area by 11:30pm on the final day - later, only if the venue allows.

General Information

The attire for MBE Venture Weekend™ is business casual.  Participants should bring the following:

     >  Completed Pre-Event Assignment
     >  Laptop or Tablet-PC (bring a spare battery)
     >  Flash Drive
     >  Paper, pens, and pencils
     >  Lots of Energy!!! 

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