The Program

MBE Venture Weekend
™ begins at 3pm with participant registration and check-in.  Participants will turn-in their pre-event assignment and receive their event materials.  Participants will have a little time to setup their work area and get settled for the journey.

Idea Validation

In a rapid-fire format, each participant will have 30 seconds to present (pitch) their idea. This means that each participant will have just 30 seconds to introduce themselves and generate interest in their business proposition.  Presentations will be evaluated and feedback will be provided.

Customer Development

Participants collaborate to evaluate and test their ideas and identify their target market.  Participants will research their prospective customer's demographics and identify their market opportunities.

Business Model and Strategy

Participants work with local mentors and student volunteers to develop their business model. This includes identifying their sales goals and objectives, devising market strategies to achieve stated goals and objectives, evaluating and testing various business models, and refining the product/service model.

Enterprise and Resource Development

Participants will develop their business plans, to include financial projections, resources, and timetables, prepare a formal prospectus, and prepare a formal presentation to educate investors and lenders about their venture.


Participants will give a formal 3 to 5 minute presentation. A judging panel will score the presentations and provide written feedback, along with any suggestions for improvement of the venture, business model, and presentation.

Note: Participants completing the weekend are automatically considered for an equity or near investment of $2,500 or more and additional financing through VHCDC and its partners.
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